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Building Blocks

  • Service - a collection of APIs, Events, Workflows, and Tasks that represent a business domain or capability. Can be composed with other services via APIs and Event subscriptions.
  • Command - create and your own APIs and serve them over HTTPS via a managed API Gateway.
  • Event - emit and subscribe Events to your Service's Event Bus. Process events internally or route them to other Services.
  • Workflow - a set of orchestrated Tasks that implements business logic with asynchronous, durable long-running processes.
  • Task - functions that encapsulate a single unit of work in a workflow. Integrate with cloud resources and SaaS.
  • Signal - a message that can be sent to a workflow execution. Workflows can wait for external input as a Signal and modify its behavior. Signals are communicated point-to-point in contrast to Events which are broadcast to all subscribers.

Helpful Resources

  • Eventual Client - a client for interacting with an Eventual Service, such as listing and starting workflows, viewing logs, etc.
  • CLI Guide - the Eventual command-line interface (CLI) provides tools for interacting with your service from the terminal.
  • Unit Testing - API reference, guidelines and best practices for writing unit tests for your Eventual service.
  • Workflow Patterns - a list of helpful patterns for solving common problems with Workflows
  • Service Limits - the AWS Limits and Quotas to be aware of when scaling a Service.