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Eventual makes building and operating resilient event-driven applications easy at any scale.

  • Code-first APIs, Events and Workflows - build durable, scalable and event-driven systems with end-to-end type safety that spans across service boundaries.
  • Composable Microservices - architect microservices that are fully serverless, composable, evolve naturally and have minimal operational complexity.
  • Your Cloud and Security Boundaries - runs in your cloud, governed by your security and privacy policies, and integrates with your favorite IaC framework.
Learn More

To learn more about our features and capabilities, view the What is Eventual 📖 guide.

Quick Start

See our Quick Start 🚀 guide to set up a new project, deploy it to the cloud and take it for a spin in minutes.

Important Eventual Concepts

Eventual provides plug-and-play primitives for building and orchestrating event-driven microservices.

✅ Service

A collection of composable APIs, Events, Workflows, and Tasks for orchestrating a business domain.

⚙️ Workflow

Orchestrate business logic with asynchronous, durable long-running processes.

🌐 Commands

Create and expose your own RESTful APIs with a managed API Gateway.

📣 Event

Emit and subscribe Events to and from your Service. Process events internally or route them to other Services.

🔌 Task

Functions that encapsulate a single unit of work in a workflow to integrate with cloud resources and other APIs.

🚥 Signal

A message sent to a running workflow execution to control its behavior.