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Deploy to AWS

We've seen that our workflow can run locally, but now we want to expose it to the internet so your customers or apps can use it. Lets deploy to AWS.

Eventual uses CDK to deploy to AWS.

Starting from the default template, execute the following call to deploy:

npm run deploy

If you are using a non-default AWS CLI Profile, provide it like:

AWS_PROFILE=[your profile] [your deploy command]

Test on AWS

Lets run the same test commands from before, but without the --local flag now.

npx eventual invoke submitJob "this is my job description"
# using the job ID from above
npx eventual get execution [job id]
npx eventual invoke completeJob '{ "jobId": "[job id]", "approved": true }'
npx eventual get execution [job id]
npx eventual get history -e [job id]