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Create Workflow

Let's now create a workflow for orchestrating the approval process. We'll then update our submitJob command to invoke it.

First, create a new file, approval-process.ts and create a workflow.

import { workflow } from "@eventual/core";

export const approvalProcess = workflow(
async (description: string) => {
Remember to re-export

Remember to go back to your index.ts and re-export the workflow

export * from "./approval-process.js";

It is not necessary to create a file for each command, workflow, etc. It's just usually a good practice to organize your business logic into individual files with easy-to-understand names.

Update Submit Job

The submitJob command should start the workflow, update submitJob to look like:

import { command } from "@eventual/core";
import { approvalProcess } from "./approval-process.js";

export const submitJob = command("submitJob", async (description: string) => {
const execution = await approvalProcess.startExecution({
input: description,
// We'll use the execution id as the job ID.
return { jobId: execution.executionId };